Isuzu N-Series / Elf III, generation #3

Isuzu N-Series / Elf III 3

Year of production 1975 - ...

Model: N-Series / Elf (1959 - ...)

Wikipedia (N-Series / Elf):

The third generation Elf arrived in June 1975, in Elf 150 and 250 forms. It was nicknamed "Tora-san" after Kiyoshi Atsumi's (a famous Japanese actor) most beloved film character which supposedly looked similar. In January 1977 a 250 Low-Flat model was added, followed in 1978 by a facelift and an altered front grille. In 1979 a bigger 3.3 liter version of the 2-tonne (4,400 lb) Elf 250 was introduced, called the "Elf 250 Super". There was also a "Elf 150 Super" version, which has the larger, 2.4 liter C240 diesel engine which was usually installed in the Elf 250. In 1978 Isuzu also sold their millionth Elf. In January 1980 the Elf was updated to meet Japan's 1979 emissions standards, which was also when the design was changed to accommodate a tilting cab. The Elf 250 Wide and 350 Wide were added, with KT and KS chassis codes respectiverly, meaning that the second generation Ef 350 could finally be retired. The Elf Wide has a cabin 1,910 mm (75 in) wide, rather than the 1,690 mm (67 in) cabin used in the TL and KA series Elfs.

In 1981 the Elf range underwent another facelift, with an updated dashboard as well. For the third generation Elf the diesel engines had been modernized for more ease of operation, while the world's then smallest direct injection diesel engine - the 3.3 liter 4BC2 - was also introduced. It arrived in 1982 and replaced the less powerful 4BC1 which had appeared in 1979. In March 1983 the diesel engines were again modified, reflecting new Japanese emissions standards for commercial vehicles. While the third generation Elf was mostly replaced in 1984, the "Route Van" (three- or six-seater van version) continued in production until the early 1990s. With the same bodywork there was also a more habitable bus version available; this was marketed as the Isuzu Journey S and was built on Elf 150 basis (KAD51ZB).

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Isuzu N-Series / Elf III
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