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Isuzu Piazza


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Classified Motorsports Isuzu impulse Vs Classified Project EK (Gopro Cam)

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

1 minutes : 41 seconds
Joe Isuzu commercial Impulse If you have information about this video like voices...

31 seconds
installing a front mount intercooler on an Isuzu Impulse RS

Part 1 of my video on a simple routing and basic parts needed to install a front...

9 minutes : 29 seconds
1.8 cam swap part 1

Here is the first of two videos on how to clean up and un-stick a set of lifters...

7 minutes : 30 seconds
Impulse RS drifting in snow on city streets (very low speed 1-2nd gears)

Had a few minutes of fun in the snow on my street. I'd like to make a special no...

1 minutes : 39 seconds
1977 Holden TC Gemini Coupe

1977 Holden / Isuzu TC Gemini Coupe - G200z SOHC 2.0L EFI - Isuzu Piazza Turbo -...

3 minutes : 47 seconds
1988 Isuzu Impulse Turbo 14k Miles

All original rust free mint condition car sat in a heated garage most of its lif...

36 seconds
Isuzu Piazza nero Handling by LOTUS

Nostalgic 2Days Isuzu Piazza nero Handling by LOTUS

1 minutes : 43 seconds

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