Video - 1991 Isuzu Impulse wagonback - private road take 1

Videos Isuzu Piazza 1991 Isuzu Impulse wagonback - private road take 1

1991 Isuzu Impulse wagonback - private road take 1

First video of me driving my blue wagonback... well, I was saying "don't do this at home" referring to : don't drive cars recklessly when you know they're in bad shape... loll at least it wasn't on public road 'cause it has currently "parked" status... WARNING : When operating a vehicle on the road, always wear your seatbelt and be concerned about the road "safety code" of your area. subliminal message : SAVE ISUZU CARS If you own one of those cars, DON'T let it crushed! Please save its life! I beg you... At least, if it's diying, sell it to someone like me, who is gonna do his best to restore it or, in the worst case, take all the parts possible to restore another... Cheers Isuzu enthusiasts! Thank you! FOR RESSOURCES FOR YOUR - Isuzu Impulse / Piazza - Geo Storm / Pa Nero - Isuzu Stylus / Gemini - Isuzu I-Mark / Geo/Chevy Spectrum / Pontiac Sunburst - Lotus Elan S2/S4 / Kia Elan (1990-1995) ~ PLEASE VISIT

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