Video - 1996 White Isuzu Trooper LS 4WD v6

Videos Isuzu Trooper 1996 White Isuzu Trooper LS 4WD v6

1996 White Isuzu Trooper LS 4WD v6

Thank you for looking at our auctions. We are Money Train Title Loans, home of the Fifty Dollar Loan where you can borrow up to $5000.00 Dollars for only FIFTY BUCKS A MONTH! (As long as the car has the value). 97% of our customers pay back their loans with no problems, the last thing we want to do is take someones transportation. Money Train has chosen EBAY because it is a public auction where we can liquidate the vehicles for top dollar and at the same time let our customers know how much there car has been sold for, and let them know that any remaining amount paid over the loan payoff will be given back to the customer. We at Money Train believe that in order to achieve ultimate success we have to be fair with our customers even when in default. Please dont ever ask us to end the auctions early. We are not a dealership therefore we will not allow test drives on these cars. Until they are sold they belong to the debtor. We know nothing about these vehicles but will describe them the best we can. We may not be able to take the time to answer all questions that are asked. We will also try to include a video of the cars that we know run so you can hear the engine, transmission and any peculiar noises the cars may have. These cars are sold as-is with no warranties or promises. Keep in mind that a lot of these cars might come from people in distressed situations and the required maintenance may have been neglected. Please note that bidders with zero, little, or negative ...

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