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A day in the Isuzu Frontlift compactor

This is quick look at the world of frontlift, It was a bit of a rush job editing and I have managed to exclude all the outside shots, looks like I'll have to do another. The truck is an '04 Isuzu 6x4, 270hp, with 6 speed world series allison auto. Body is a Macdonald Jonston FL3 purpose built for cardboard and has been extented by around 6 foot. It can be used for some general(with care)but because it has thin sides (keep tare weight down) and its length,it can easily be damaged and overloaded. The cages shown in this video are 8 cubic metersin volume, and are specific for card board. I work around south side of Brisbane, Australia, which is why some of you may think I'm driving on the wrong side of the road

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