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Aussie Refuse Trucks : HEIL Formula 4000

This sequel of the Aussie Refuse Trucks series is based on HEIL's Formula 4000 rear loader, a popular body which can be found on both residential streets and in commercial and industrial areas. They are fast, pack great loads and are very operator friendly. Originally we received our HEIL bodies from the US, but now they are imported from Scotland. In addition to the Formula 4000, the Euro PowerTrak is quite a popular RL here in Australia and the Euro Half/Pack FL bodies are also being distributed. The idea of this series is to provide an outline of the different brands of waste compactor bodies used in Australia. The series also includes: - MacDonald Johnston - Superior PAK Waste Equipment - Compaction Systems - Richards Compactors - Garwood International I hope you enjoy the video and pictures, all ratings and comments are highly appreciated, be sure to check out the other videos related to this series.

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