Video - Demo: Mini Drum Mower on our Kubota BX2200

Videos Isuzu Faster Demo: Mini Drum Mower on our Kubota BX2200

Demo: Mini Drum Mower on our Kubota BX2200

We have bought this tractor attachment (Bellon Mario, type L1150) for the execution of our 'ecological mowing' policy. That means mowing twice a year to degrease the amount of nutrients in the soil faster, and thus giving rare and special plants the opportunity to grow, for example orchids. It fits on our Kubota BX2200 22hp compact tractor. See the video for a demonstration. Additional notes; - If you experience problems with steering, buy additional counter(front)weights - Use goggles while mowing, you can have debris launched at you - Wide grass tires are recommended, for minimal compression of the soil. - Try and mow in as dry conditions as possible. - Grease the PTO shafts often - Don't lift the mower deck to high, this creates to large angles for the PTO shafts Please ask if you want to know more. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bough from 'Noord Machines BV Marum' Location: Hortus Haren, Netherlands. Date: 29-09-09

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