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Videos Isuzu PUP Diesel Isuzu Pup hillclimb...

Diesel Isuzu Pup hillclimb...

I no longer have this little beast. '84 Isuzu Pup 4x4 diesel. 31x10.5 Mud-terrains with chains on the rear. Feb 13th trail ride with the Fairbanks Offroad Lions. There was a steep uphill climb and while we were waiting for the leaders to get up I put on my chains (had to get pulled up a little hill already, it wasn't gonna happen again). The trail was straight up icy hill climb so II figured I'd try and find the leaders an easier way. The leaders were just ahead of me at the end of the video. I got stuck 2 feet from the trail It was decided that the trail just got steeper and narrower so those that were up there came back down my trail. The wife decided this needed narrating. This is also a wood cutting area so this is not violating the Tread Lightly ideals.

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