Video - Fuel saver on Genset MTU 250 KVA.

Videos Isuzu PANTHER Fuel saver on Genset MTU 250 KVA.

Fuel saver on Genset MTU 250 KVA.

Installation of Fuel saver (HHO Generator) at a capacity of 250 KVA MTU generator is located in Bank Mandiri museum building, opposite the town's railway station, Jakarta. By using HHO Generator Portable Joko Energy, these tools still need a converter to arrange a mixture of diesel and gas HHO electronically via the ECU in order to obtain maximum efficiency, if it is equipped with a converter, it is unnecessary HHO gas is injected through the air intake, because the converter is capable of mix it right before diesel and HHO gas into the engine combustion chamber according to its needs



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