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Isuzu D-Max Platinum: Hi-Lander, Cab4, Rodeo

Isuzu strikes back again! By step up from GOLD to PLATINUM. With new D-Max & MU-7 Platinum Models for 2009. But as for D-Max, Isuzu can do such a lot of change, even it's the fourth fascia project now. But only LS4x4 and Hi-Lander models recieved that newest fascia. Badges turn to platinum (or revert back to silver as usual), also retooled frontal lights for platinum look. Newer exterior colors also added. Many details revert back to quite silver/platinum instead of gold, top heads of 3 DDi iTEQ engines also change from gold to platinum. Several non-raised 4x2 models recieved classic fascia like 4x4/Hi-Lander (before Platinum). Interior also changed to quite-platinum tone. No longer gold now. Cab4 LS recieved sumptous leather upholstery in black. Meanwhile some highline models also available with Kenwood's Platinum Entertainment package (DVD/VCD/MP3/DIVX) with 6.1" touch-screen and can also compatible with iPod, Bluetooth, TV Tuner and navigation system. Additionally this also have the reverse camera too. 4JJ1-TC dropped for some models especially the Rodeo; but to let 4JJ1-TCX VGS Turbo shine instead. Not all Cab4 models featured retooled rear suspension called Super Flex Plus Suspension (This suspension set is exclusively reserved for Cab4 right from the start). MOS (Hi-Lander), DOME (Rodeo), PETER (Cab4) still maintained as presenters for those three models. Stay tuned as I will fetch more further about Isuzu Platinum models as can.

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