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Na Karuma GREATEST 70'S Playstation Racing Game 97'

One of the rarest games I have, this is a simulator of Japan's classic sporty coupes and sports cars. Very interesting selection of the 70's machines including the classy Isuzu Bellett to the grand Toyota 2000GT. Best played with analog, the physics are actually good with these low tech RWD cars that have no traction & stability control, driving them can't be more fun! :) Keywords: 1970's Disco Mazda Familia I II III IV VI Simulation NFS Test Drive Unlimited 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pro Street Hot Pursuit Road Challenge High Stakes FIA Simbin 10tacle Holden Torana drifting drift powerslide Road Fighter PGR Project Gotham Racing Forza Sega GT Gear Outrun 2006 Coast to Coast LFS Live for Max Power World Tour Colin McRae CMR Lagoon Rev Rave Ultimate Race Pro Cinematic All Star Car & Driver the JGTC All Japan Touring Championship Road Taito TOCA Driver GRID Super Technic Challenge Car Spec-R Tuners D1 Professional Grand Prix GP Import Imports Revolution Fighter Auto Modellista Overdrivin Memorial Over Drivin' Motorsports Race

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