Video - Rockdale Clean-Up Pt. 1 -- Sofas, Mattresses & Wood!

Videos Isuzu i-Series Rockdale Clean-Up Pt. 1 -- Sofas, Mattresses & Wood!

Rockdale Clean-Up Pt. 1 -- Sofas, Mattresses & Wood!

I thought that WSN did all the collections in Rockdale, including the clean-up, and expected to find a newer JP5 / Iveco. After speaking to the garbage driver, I found out that the council actually did the clean-ups themselves. So on the Tuesday the 13th of October, I caught a train down to Rockdale after failing to get all the trucks in Ryde. Just before my station I saw where the clean-up had been done and where nothing had been touched, so I figured the truck would be around there somewhere. I hopped off the station, got on my bike and rode as fast as possible to this area in search of a truck... I found a lot of nice piles, but no truck. I was starting to lose hope as I circled the area a bit, but still nothing, so I lost hope and headed up the road to see if I had any luck with the garbage/recycling area being just over the hill (unsure of the service days). I did have luck, came across some full garbage bins, watched the 2 recycling trucks as they drove past me to the MRF and eventually found the garbage truck where I got videos, took a ride to the tip and got dropped back off at my bike. Not expecting anything as it was about 1pm, I rode back to the clean-up zone to see if anything had been collected since I was there earlier and to make a judgement on whether or not I could come back on a following day. Well that consideration didn't matter for shit when I saw a rear loader moving slowly down the road in the distance :) I went straight to it, the guys were cool ...

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