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The Matte Black Gemini Is Alive!

After taking a fairly long hiatus from this project due to work commitments (and failing the two week challenge as a result) I got back into fixing up this $400 TX Gemini and get it finished for the new owner to take off my hands. So after a lot of messing around with old electrics, and hoping that the engine I swapped in was still good, it fired up with half an exhaust system attached. The motor dies because in my diagnosis as to why it wouldn't start I swapped on another Nikki carb which has a problem of draining the fuel bowl very quickly, so I need to put the old one back on after fixing a few problems with it. The whistle/whine is the fan belt which is slightly too big so it needs to be changed. The final few things are being fixed in the next few days, and I will take a final vid to close my part in this car's rebuild. Hopefully the new owner has a Youtube account... Enjoy :D

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